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This can be used instead of typing out the 'United Kingdom'
Holland is not a country, but rather a region of this continental European nation.
Either one of these answers can be used for 'Democratic Republic of the Congo'.
This can be used as a shortened version of 'Central African Republic'.
This part of France is in South America and is as much a part of France as Hawaii is to the USA and Northern Ireland is a part of the UK.
This can be used instead of typing out 'United States of America', although some quizzes accept the answer without the last letter.
This country's sovereignty is disputed by its current rulers and the People's Republic of China. Its common English name is:
This is the island on which England, Scotland, and Wales are on, not the country itself.
This three-word former Yugoslav nation is usually supposed to be typed out in full.
This Caribbean nation formed of islands is usually accepted with only the first part of its name.
Unlike the previous answer, this other 'Saintly' Caribbean nation formed of islands must usually be typed out in full.
This former Yugoslav country's sovereignty is disputed by its current rulers and Serbia.
These two countries are usually included in both European and Asian geography quizzes.
This island nation, while arguably part of Asia, is usually included in European geography quizzes instead.
Quizzes often ask for this city-state to be typed out in full.
Of the three capitals of South Africa, this is the one asked for by Sporcle quizzes.
Of the two capitals of Bolivia, this is the one asked for by Sporcle quizzes.
This is an accepted short-form of the United Arab Emirates.
These two shorter names are often accepted for Sri Lanka's capital of Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte
Although still commonly referred to as Burma, this country's government (and Sporcle) use this name.
England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are non-sovereign countries that are a part of this independent, sovereign nation.
While 'Ivory Coast' is often accepted, the name of the country in every language (including English) is this.
This large northern island is usually included in statistics regarding Denmark
This country is commonly known as East Timor, but its official common name in every language, including English, is this
The most-loved country among Sporclers.

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