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Can you name the Premier League Logos from their description as described by a 5 year old? (Read Game Note)

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It has a strange bird with a funny tail standing on a ball. I hope it doesn't fall!
Oh no! A scary tiger! I hope he isn't hungry.
That red moose looks sad!
That fox has a big nose and massive ears, but wheres it's body gone?
A white hand with a white sword, what a funny logo
That owl has a strange neck, get it to the vets!
That woman is balancing a football on her head. Cool!
There's a tree on some water and an football that looks like an angel. Weird!
That white ram looks like he's ready to run at us!
Wow that huge eagle looks like it's flying off above the silver building
Why is that horse trying to play football?
Woah, the Earth is balancing on that football!
This one has a big gun with a strange wheel on it
That one has a castle with some gigantic hammers. They must be really heavy!
That one has a red bird with big wings and two little fires next to it

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