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He came from a family of Jewish cantors, but he just wanted to sing that new stuff... And somehow, the world could hear him sing.
Just some political metaphor about the gold standard.
It's none other than Tomania's Hynkel! Or is it that poor barber who lost his memory in the first World War?
Actually the name of a ballet in the movie; it isn't a documentary about footwear.
Who is he? That's what Holly Martins wants to know.
Just some street where a bunch of rich people live... And the site of a homocide.
No, it didn't actually stop turning, everyone was just spellbound by the alien robot.
Jeff broke his leg so he looks out of it a lot, since he has nothing else to do in his apartment.
Scottie is a little scared of heights. He doesn't do too well chasing criminals across rooftops.
Hmm... Their first 8 plans must have failed.
Oh, you know, that fast jazz stuff... Some people like it that way.
The director had previously done six full-length movies, two shorts, and one collaboration with Alberto Lattuada.
No, not explosions, just enlarging photographs.
It's the protaganist, the antagonist, and some guy who isn't attractive, but works with the protagonist.
The baby's only the son of Satan, nothing that exciting.
It's pretty much just a giant cage, used in a ritual on some strange island.
Not the actual animal, just a boxer who tends to act like one.
He wasn't actually an animal; he just had a messed up face.
Well, the first scene takes place there; it's in North Dakota.
The 'third act' of a magic trick.

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