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Can you name the Top Horror Films According to imdb?

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Alfred Hitchcock1960
Ridley Scott1979
Stanley Kubrick1980
James Cameron1986
Henri-Georges Clouzot1955
John Carpenter1982
Merian Cooper/Ernest Schoedsack1933
James Whale1931
Béla Tarr/Ágnes Hranitzky2000
Roman Polanski1968
Tomas Alfredson2008
Robert Wiene1920
Kenji Mizoguchi1953
William Friedkin1973
F.W. Murnau1922
James Whale1935
F.W. Murnau1926
Don Siegel1956
Masaki Kobayashi1964
George A. Romero1968
George A. Romero1978
Edgar Wright2004
Jack Clayton1961
George Sluizer1988
Kaneto Shindô1964
John Carpenter1978
Paul Leni1928
Roman Polanski1965
Juraj Herz1969
Alfred Hitchcock1963
Georges Franju1960
Tod Browning1932
Erle C. Kenton1932
Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez2007
Sam Raimi1987
Victor Sjöström1921
Ruben Fleischer2009
Fritz Lang1933
Alberto Cavalcanti/Charles Crichton1945
William Dieterle1941
James Whale1933
Michael Powell1960
Sidney Lanfield1939
Joseph L. Mankiewicz1947
Robert Wise1963
Robin Hardy1973
Benjamin Christensen1922
Ingmar Bergman1968
Rupert Julian1925
Rouben Mamoulian1931

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