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Can you name the Facts about Kellz?

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Alternate Alias 1
Alternate Alias 2
Alternate Alias 3
Alternate Alias 4
Alternate Alias 5
Thing he can't do 1
Thing he can't do 2
Thing he can't do 3
Thing he can't do 4
Thing he's the best at 1
Thing he's the best at 2
Reason he may not have answered the phone 1
Reason he may not have answered the phone 2
Reason he may not have answered the phone 3
Reason he may not have answered the phone 4
Reason he may not have answered the phone 5
He wants to see
He wants to feel
He wants to touch
He wants to kiss
He wants to freak
He wants to sex
There's nothing like
Do she got a kid?
Does she love some waffle house?
Do she got a beauty mark on the left side of her mouth?
If R. Kelly calls your boss, what transpires?
If R. Kelly leaves you a clue by the sink, and its a box with your name, what do you do with what's inside whatever it is?
If you have the Greatest Sex with Kellz, what results?
What culinary task makes R. Kelly ready to toss your salad, girl?
What R. Kelly's mind tells him
What Kellz body tells him
What must R. Kelly Conf-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eha-ess to you?
When Kellz is sexing from the bicycle to the treadmill, or over by the dirty lawnmower, how are the neighbors and their dogs looking?
What is Kelly trying to establish, if not who's right and who's wrong?
What is R Kelly's driver's name?
What should you do if you have a girlfriend whose brain is right, ****?
What three things does Kellz need to make your body talk to him?
R Kelly wants to stick it, he wants to kiss it, if it were a physical possibility, what would he do?
Even though your name is Tommy, what does she be calling you?
Alternate Alias/ Past life incarnation

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