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QUIZ: Which Overwatch hero said it? Genji or Hanzo?

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Voice Line(H) Hanzo, (G) Genji
'A gift, for you.'
'You seem nice, I hate to kill you.'
'I'm not impressed.'
'Step... into the dojo.'
'Remember this moment.'
'A steady blade balances the soul.'
'I do what I must.'
'You are only human.'
'To know yourself is to be at peace.'
'Measure twice, cut once.'
'You... are already dead.'
'My Halloween costume?... Cyborg ninja.'
'When the moon is full, it begins to wane.'
'Come on!'
'Ha! Simple'
'Ignore all distractions'
'I was hoping for a challenge.'
'You have made an error in judgement.'
'Defeat... is the first step to a better result.'

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