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Impossible Trivia
Tracer appears to follow the teachings of what group? 
What is the name of Tracer's girlfriend? 
What is Symmetra's occupation? 
Lúcio is known for being a _______ _______, rallying up with citizens of Rio to rise up against Vishkar 
Roadhog's 'Take a Breather' canister is filled with what? 
Reinhardt is a decorated ________ veteran 
Orisa was made to be what? 
What is the name of the specialized task force D.Va was recruited to?  
Widowmaker was the wife of whom? 
Lacking resources to survive the polar storm, Mei and other scientists decided to do what? 
Junkrat was created to balance out against who/what? 
What type of omnic is Bastion? 
At what age did Soldier: 76 enlist in the military? 
McCree is a former member of what gang? 
After being captured during an Overwatch sting operation, McCree was offered prison or serving in? 
Tracer's Overwatch comic 'Reflections' is banned in what country? 
What is the name of Winston's personal artificial intelligence? 
Who created Orisa? 
Where was Tekhartha Mondatta assassinated? 
What company hired Pharah after she left the army? 
Who donned the titular cybernetic gauntlet before Doomfist (Akande)? 
Where was Symmetra taken to train at an early age? 
What is Hal-Fred Glitchbot's occupation? 
On the map Hollywood, what type of car is escorted? 
Who is the leader of the makeshift encampment of Junkertown? 
What items did Winston keep after the death of his mentor? 
Where does the battle take place in the animated short 'The Last Bastion' 
Who was the commander of the Crusaders? 
Symmetra was confirmed to have what disorder? 
Genji's 'Oni' skin was added to promote what game? 
Who Voices these Heroes?
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