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Hell yeah, dirty bass. Ghetto girl you drive me Cray
If you sexy and you know it put your hands up in the air
Its hard to look right at you baby.
It goes like this, the forth, the fifth. The minor fall. The major lift
It's just a matter of time till you find
Well i'm just outta school like i'm real real cool
I stay on that pinnacle. Chewin up my lyricals
Missed my ride home, lost my IPhone. I wouldn't have it any other way
You went to school to learn girl what you never never knew before
I'd like to be everything you want. Hey girl, let me talk to you
I'll hit the ceiling or else i'll tear up this town
Everyone can tell you how its all been said and done
So homie this is your song, i dedicate this to you. I love you Doodi
Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, Yeah
911. Its me to the rescue. If i don't speak who's gonna tell you
If the world isn't turning your heart won't return anyone, anything, anyhow
And i ain't paying my rent this month. I owe that
But when i play, I never stay
Cus you ripped me off your love was cheap. It's always teating at the seams
Take control, own me just for the night
Baby, I'm so into you. You got that something. What can i do?
Some day, I'll be living in a big old city and all your ever gonna be is mean
When i was 13, i had my first love
She, She used to be a really special lady
You dont know, oh oh. You dont know your beautiful

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