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DefinitionPokémonAlt. Spelling
Something that causes bad luck
An artificial human being in Hebrew folklore endowed with life
Terrifyingly horrible to the senses
Partial or total darkness
To influence or entice by soft words or flattery
A sirenian mammal...that has a bilobed tail and...short tusks
Unhappy and tending to complain a lot
A place where monks or nuns live
A member of one of the peoples forming the modern Iranian nationality
A very slow person
A small tool that is used for holding or gripping small objects
City of France on the Seine
DefinitionPokémonAlt. Spelling
A thing mentioned previously
Searching for
A closure that must be broken to be opened and that thus reveals tampering
A place for hiding or retirement
A translucent chalcedony in parallel layers of different colors
Ready to fall asleep
A conductor used to establish electrical contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit
Not easily or naturally deduced or introduced
Slimy dirt or filth
Expelling air from the lungs suddenly with an explosive noise
Possibly having a bad result
Breathing with difficulty usually with a whistling sound

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