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Only country to end with 'd', but not -land
Besides USA, only country to have its national capital named for a US President
Only country to begin with three consecutive letters, in order
Longest name of a country without a repeated letter
Only country, whose full name, when spelled out, has 7 ns.
YY UR, YY UB, UC this country has YY 2C
Why an angry man only buys electric cars, he's.....
What a politician says after the election
A man, a plan, a canal, ............
What some people like to do to their coffee
A person who is mysophobic may not want to visit this country
Only country with three letters first in one order then in reverse order later in name
Two co-princes rule this country, but don't live there.
Only country name to have the first nine letters of the alphabet in its name

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