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Can you name the U.S. Presidents by clues??

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Presidential DescriptionPresident
The Great Communicator
Served as Speaker of the House
Signed The Affordable Care Act
Born Leslie Lynch King, Jr
Sent Lewis and Clark on their expedition
Only President married in the White House
The middle initial S stands for nothing
First President born west of the Mississippi
Father of the Constitution
His nickname is one of the origins for the word 'okay'
Has a toy named for him
Only President never to marry
He was born on the 4th of July
Old Rough and Ready
Given the first name Hiram at birth
Youngest elected President
Was also Chief Justice of U.S.
Served in House of Reps after Presidency
First President born outside original 13 states
He made his point, 14 of them
Served as CIA director
Only sitting Representative to be elected President
Presidential DescriptionPresident
Served in Senate after Presidency
First assassination attempt was against...
Only President elected unanimously
He was born William Jefferson Blythe IV
Last President who served in Civil War
Only President from New Hampshire
Only Presidency during which men walked on moon
The Teapot Dome scandal marred his Presidency
A foreign capital is named for him
The Peanut Farmer
The first Vice President
Served only one month
Winner of the very close 1876 election
His policies were known as the New Deal
The Great Society President
Opened Japan to US trade
Tippecanoe and ? Too
Only grandson of a President
Owned a sports team
Created NASA
Reformed Civil Service in the Government

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