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Can you name the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Book Characters?

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The main character
A freckled, red-haired boy
A girl who knows everything
A new professor
Now a teacher for the Care of Magical Creatures
Head of Slytherin House
Head of Gryffindor House
A clumsy, round-faced boy
The main character's enemy at Hogwarts
The headmaster
The main villain
A hippogrfff
A cat
The Head Boy
The main character's uncle
The main character's aunt
The Keeper and captain of Gryffindor
A Beater for Gryffindor
The other Beater for Gryffindor
The professor for Divination
The Minister for the Ministry of Magic
The main villain's former friend
A girl whose rabbit dies
The girl whose rabbit dies's best friend
The father of the freckled boy
The mother of the freckled boy
The Charms professor
The commenter for Quidditch
Everybody hates him
A black boy
The main character's other aunt
The main character's cousin
The nurse
The referee for Quidditch
A talking portrait
Another talking portrait
A bully
Another bully
The conductor for the Knight Bus
The driver for the Knight Bus
The landlord of the Leaky Cauldron
The Keeper and captain for Slytherin
The Chaser for Quidditch
The other Chaser
Another Chaser
The Head Boy's girlfriend
The black boy's best friend
The caretaker
The caretaker's cat
The Seeker for Ravenclaw
The Seeker for Hufflepuff
A girl in Slytherin
The freckled boy's little sister
A second year
The main character's father
The main character's mother

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