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Forced Order
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Why is it, when something happens, it is always you three?
Ah! See? He senses my presence! Don't worry, Won-Won, I'm here, I'm here.
Seriously misunderstood creatures, spiders are. It's the eyes, I reckon, they unnerve some folk.
Hey! She's only interested in you because she thinks you're the Chosen One.
It was a student who gave me Francis. One Spring afternoon I discovered a bowl on my desk, just a few inches of clear water in it. Floating on the surface was a flower petal.
Nice face, Potter!
Ah, need a shave, my friend.
Potter, take Weasley with you. He looks far too happy over there.
Okay, so this morning I'm going to be putting you all though a few drills, just to set things straight. Quiet, please.
No...Could you introduce me?
You're blinded by hatred.
I killed Sirius Black!
Would you like me to fix it for you? Personally, I think you look a little more devil-may-care this way, but it's up to you.
Horace, do you mind if I take this? I do love knitting patterns.
He's covered in blood again. Why is it he's always covered in blood?
You've just earned yourself detention for a month, McLaggen.
Harry! I must insist you accompany me back to the castle immediately!
I had him from an egg, you know? Tiny little thing he was when he hatched. No bigger than a Pekingese. A Pekingese, mind you!
There you are! We've been looking everywhere for you two. Now, names?
Snape! He trusted you!
Severus, please....
That's all right, it's like being with a friend.
Hello, darling! Fancy a drink?
You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? Yes. I'm the Half Blood Prince.
Friend? Don't make me laugh! You haven't spoken in weeks. I guess you want to make up with him now that's he's suddenly all interesting!
Well, being me...has its privileges.
Mr. Davis! Mr. Davis, that is the girls' lavatory.
I know I'm not to be here. The Dark Lord himself forbid me to speak of this...
I must admit to some confusion receiving your letter, Professor Dumbledore. In all the years Tom's been here, he's never once had a family visitor.
I will have order! I really do hate children!
I don't need your help! Don't you understand? I have to do this! I have to kill you, or he's gonna kill me!
Take my arm.
What about you, Miss Granger? What do your parents do in the muggle world?
I've never been to this part of the castle. Well, not awake. I sleepwalk, you see. That's why I wear shoes to bed.
Professor Slughorn, sir, I've just discovered this boy lurking in an upstairs corridor. He claims to be invited to your party.
I like my chances. By the way, think you could introduce me to your friend Granger? Wouldn't mind getting on a first-name basis with her, if you know what I mean...
Perhaps Harry's right, Remus. I mean, to make an Unbreakable Vow...
About time, don't you think?
I didn't get into the Slug Club. It's okay, though. He's got Belby handing out towels in the loo.

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