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Can you name the steak related terms?

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How now brown …
Subaru model, or steakhouse chain
City where they put cheese on it.
Overnight steak bath (if you're lucky)
The side of anything or a military maneuver
Popular black steak producing cow
Canadian steak seasoning city
Lakers star or Japanese beef
No bones!
Steak temperature, or unusual
Steak’s spud buddies
Brown or Barkley nickname
University of Texas mascot, or steakhouse chain
Fish that’s frequently steaked, or Bill Parcells: The big...
3D Ice shape
Nebraska steak shipping city
Club w/ a pole, or main drag in Vegas
Steak temperature, or congratulatory statement
To stab, in prison terms
Highest rating or steak sauce ... or both
Holds clothes in the closet
Steak’s breakfast buddies
Kitchen utensil specifically designed for steak
Steakhouse chain that Ruth owns
Left up to the cows, what you’d eat mor of…

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