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Can you name the Color coordinated movie, using simple math?

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Hint colored MoviesAnswer colored Movie
(Lynch’s Velvet) + (McCartney’s Sub) = This garden staple, boiled in oil
(Spielberg & Goldberg) – (Akroyd & Belushi) = (Hopkins & Norton), on the Lecter circuit
(Kubrick Auto Colorful tale) – (Mirren with a machine gun movie) = The title garment in this Wayne Western
(Michael Jackson’s darn-near-movie-length video) – (Movie that Jones & Smith are men in) = This Single Chick Flick
(Black’s Cali County) + (one of Hanks’ shoes from the 80’s) + a little of (Pitt as Death) = This Pam Grier title role
(Men that can’t jump) + (Connery’s sub) = Waters' Divine Comedy
(Shields in the water) + (Cuba’s tails in the air) = yet another Jovovich (sigh)-fi flick, this time an EXTREMELY colorful one
(Prince precipitation flick) – (80’s flick w/ Swayze & Grey & C. Thomas Howell & no dirty dancing) = This Moranis & Martin flick, with Steve in witness protection
(Rogen superhero w/ a black Imperial) + (Riding’s hood) could also = This other Pam Grier title role
(Hackman’s sub flick (or Washington’s, according who and/or when you ask)) + (Keaton’s noise) = This comedy where the title cat, is a rock

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