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(Number of Hartnett’s Days or Nights) x (Steve Carell's age @ deflowering) = This Snipes’ White House Mystery
(Number of miles to Graceland) / (Bo Derek’s score, according to Moore) = King Leonidas’ Spartan soldier count
PATTERN: (Heartbeats) > (Fantastic Superheroes) > (Amigos) > This western with Clint and a Nun
(Will Smith’s Degrees of Separation) + (His number of pounds) = This Haunted House tale with Shalhoub or Herbert
(Alien (#)) + (Snipes’ Passenger #) = This movie chronicling Cage’s car boosting prowess
(Christmas miracle address) – (The angry men) = This paradoxical WWII movie about a reluctant Bombardier
(Brides) + (Brothers) + (Hartnett’s lucky Number) + (Years in Tibet) = This Movie where Cillian Murphy awakens (after a month) to Naomi Harris and Zombies
(Days of Summer) x (Rob Zombie Corpse Count) x (Number of LOTR towers) = This Swank boxing movie
(Clooney Heist Pic) + (Dirty Lee Marvin Group) + (Jason Voorhees date) = a number that’s still (Bruce Willis’ Monkeys) short of this Eddie Murphy Movie
(Travolta's Ladder Number) / (Years itched over Marilyn) = This groundbreaking film by Disney, which was the first ever to have a soundtrack recorded for it at the time of filming
BONUS: (Days of the Condor) – (Rooms visited by Ted the Bellhop) = This ’87 Flick, starring Andrew McCarthy and a drug addicted Robert Downey, Jr.

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