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QUIZ: Can you name the Quiet Storm songs?

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The area in the middle of the 200 & 400 thread count items, by Ernie & Ronald (1983)
Burning & Yearning, by Lady T & Mr. James (1980)
Murdock & Wilson backup the PC that Troutman is so passionate about (1985)
A nursery that no one knows about, tended by a walrus, Q, EL, AL, & James
Being Maya Rudolph’s mom “is easy ‘cause you’re beautiful.” (1975)
(6 word) Imperative posed to Martha LeVert, by Eddie LeVert, that led to Gerald LeVert
The manufacturer of the Phantom filled out a change of address form before recording this song (5 words)
Royal casanova takes ladies ''round the world' aboard the Seduction 747 (2 words)
No Fed Ex involved when amore’ is ZHipped by jeAn Norris & rEnee neufville (1994)
Decade of Afro’s, incense, black lights, love beads, mood rings, & candle lights, by JD’s ex (1995)

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