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Can you name the Batman: Arkham City Characters?

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Protector of Gotham and Arkham City
Main Villian
Main Villian's wife
Kept at Sub-Zero temperature
Helper/ Former Batgirl
Question Marks??
Hero or Thief?
Power of the Lazarus Pit
Only love of main character
The leader of Protocol 10
Main character's trusted sidekick
Playable character, not in story mode
Mimics anyone or anything
Identity thief
'Cold' wife
Lives in sewers
Power by Titan
World's greatest assassin
Gotham's most trusted reporter
Loves the radio
Obsessed with masks
Commissioner of Gotham City Police
Owns a dream world
Angel or Devil?
Fat short Villian
Heads or Tails?
Mayor of Gotham City
Obsessed with holidays
Born on a Monday....
Cold Call Killer
Loves plants
Sickle and Mister Hammer
On the radio saying numbers

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