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Can you name the Marvel Superheroes?

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Superhero's InformationSuperheroAn Enemy of the Superhero
'The First Avenger', carries a shield marked with a star, a super-soldier An enemy: Redskull
A billionare, designs weapons, wears a suit that gives him super strength, the ability to fly, and the ability to use weapons attatched to the suitAn enemy: Whiplash
A photographer of the Daily Bugle who was bitten by a radioactive spider leading to his related abilities of a spider, 'My spider senses are tingling'An enemy: Venom
A scientist that was caught in an accident, resulting a mutation into a giant green monster with super strength if angered An enemy: Abomination
The god of Thunder, son of Odin, brother of Loki, wields a godly hammerAn enemy: Loki
An easily pissed off mutant of the X-Men, has claws made of metal, can cut through almost anythingAn enemy: Sabretooth
A blind man who shows criminals justice in two ways, lawyer in the morning, and hero at night An enemy: Bullseye
A stunt cyclist who signed a deal with the devil Mephisto, can change into his hero form in the dark/shadowsAn enemy: Blackheart
A half-man and half-vampire himself, hunts down other vampiresAn enemy: Dracula
Superhero's InformationSuperheroAn Enemy of the Superhero
The head of the X-Men, aswell as the school for the gifted mutantsAn enemy: Magneto
A scientist who can stretch and twist his body as if he was a rubberband, part of a four-man teamAn enemy: Dr. Doom
A wrongly convicted man who has super strength and bulletproof skin An enemy: Mr. Fish
The leader of Atlantis, can swim very fast An enemy: Attuma
A skilled archer, uses trick arrows, rebels against Captain America's leadershipAn enemy: Crossfire
He was sent to prison after murdering his wife, has super strength, the ability to fly, and healAn enemy: The Void
Master of magic, increased life span, very intelligentAn enemy: Dormammu
Eating a heart-shaped herb gave him the powers of enhanced senses, intelligience, and hunting/tracking skills, wields retractable clawsAn enemy: Man-Ape

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