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Man of steel, defies gravity, heat vision, x-ray vision, ice breath, super strength, weakness is kryptoniteJustice League
Parents murdered, trained with the League of Assassins, millionaire in the morning, hero at night Justice League
Alien from Mars, telekinesis, invisibility, goes through objects, fliesJustice League
Uses a ring to fight, gives the hero powers to fly and create objects of their imaginationsJustice League
Fastest man alive, struck by lightening near chemicals, uses a ring to hold his costumeJustice League
Princess, uses a lasso, can fly, super strengthJustice League
Swims, king of Atlantis, water powers, communication with sea crittersJustice League
Received powers from a wizard named Shazam, kid who turns into an adult hero when saying, 'Shazam!', powers of thunderJustice League
Archer, accurate most of the time, agileJustice League
Screams out sound waves, agile, trains younger heroesJustice League
Atomic absorption, atomic blasts/beams, flies, strengthJustice League
Paired up with Blue Beetle most of the time, flies and uses power blasts, force fields, strengthJustice League
Uses twisters to fly and fight, a robot, 'den mother' of the Young JusticeJustice League/Young Justice
Uses magic and spells, daughter of Zatara, father denies her to join Young Justice Justice League/Young Justice
Swims, water powers, tattoos on his arm become water whipsYoung Justice/Teen Titans/Titans East
Clone of Superman, super strength, heat visionYoung Justice
Alien from Mars, telekinesis, mind control, mind reading, invisibilityYoung Justice
Archer, sister is an assassin, not trusted by SpeedyYoung Justice
Fastest kid alive, wears more yellow than red, funnyYoung Justice/Teen Titans
Skilled archer, at first rejects to work with Young Justice, says to be better off going soloYoung Justice/Teen Titans/Titans East
Boy wonder, was an acrobat, becomes Nightwing later on, parents murdered by ZuccoYoung Justice/Teen Titans
Half man, half robot, arm turns into a cannon, has batteries needed to be charged once in a while,Justice League/Teen Titans
Alien, shoots star bolts, flies, kisses people to learn their language, orange Teen Titans
Green boy, shiftshapes into different animals, vegetarian, enjoys tofu Teen Titans
Hooded most of the time, speaks Latin spells, fliesTeen Titans
Power to move the earth, flies on rocks, at first could't control her own powers, dies Teen Titans
Super strength, grabs and rams opponents, smells, tough, an animalTeen Titans
Can minimize into an insect size, uses to stinger guns to sting enemiesTeen Titans/Titans East
Wrestles, claws, costume based on an animal, super strengthTeen Titans
Daughter of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, gouges eye out to prove loyalty to father, violentTeen Titans

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