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QUIZ: Can you guess the Geography key terms (Water World) based on their definitions?

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DefinitionKey Term
Occurs when the demand for water exceeds the amount available during a certain period, or when it is not good enough quality to use.
A build-up of water that has collected on or below the ground, or in the atmosphere.
When moisture falls from the atmosphere as rain, hail, sleet or snow.
The global stores of water and linking process that connects them.
The steady movement of water through a drainage basin that will not bring flash flooding.
Water that flows slowly through the soil until it reaches a river.
An underground store of water, formed when water-bearing (permeable) rocks lie on top of impermeable rocks.
Water contained beneath the surface, as a reserve.
The presence of chemicals, noise, dirt or substances which have harmful or poisonous effects on an environment.
Small air spaces in the surface of rocks and other materials that can also be filled with water.
Lines of weakness in a rock that water can pass along.
The process whereby water soaks into the soil and rock.
DefinitionKey Term
A technology that the local community is able to use relatively easily and without much cost.
Storing rainwater or used water (grey water) for use in periods of drought.
The process of water becoming a vapour due to heat.
Programs to control rivers, generally organised by local or central government.
When water is being used more quickly than it is being replaced.
The evaporation of water from plant leaves.
Not allowing water to pass through.
The emission of harmful or poisonous substances into river water.
Allowing water to pass through.
The level in the soil or bedrock below which water is usually present.
The conversion of a vapour or gas to a liquid.

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