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DefinitionKey Term
The layer of gases around our planet.
Circulating movements of the magma in the mantle caused by the heat of the core.
The after effects of a disaster, such as the spread of disease or the loss of economic gain.
When two continental plates pull apart from one another, they form a ____________ plate boundary.
The layer of water around our planet.
When two tectonic plates rub against one another they form a ____________ plate boundary.
When two tectonic plates collide they form a _________ plate boundary.
Boundary between two tectonic plates.
Earthquakes are compared to one another by magnitude using this scale.
The magnitude of earthquakes are measured using a...
Part of the crust made from dense basaltic rocks.
Threats posed by volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.
DefinitionKey Term
The very thin layer of living things on the Earth's crust.
Parts of the crust made from less dense granitic rocks.
Central part of the Earth consisting of a solid inner core made of iron and a more fluid outer core made of nickel.
Very explosive type of volcano.
The lubricating layer between the crust and the mantle.
The way in which people react to a situation, such as an earthquake.
When an oceanic plate slides under a continental plate, they form a ___________ plate boundary.
Less explosive type of volcano.
Forecasting future changes.
The size of an earthquake.
Immediate effects or impacts of a disaster, such as mud or lava flows.

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