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DefinitionKey Term
The maximum number of people (or animals/plants) who can be supported in a given area without the use of technology.
Usually occurs in the Pacific Ocean every 3 to 7 years; usually warm conditions off the western coasts of Peru cause climatic disturbances.
A displaced person caused by environmental disasters as a result of climate change.
Farming methods that aim to conserve soil and water while at the same time providing sustainable livelihood for the farmer.
A climate that's unusually challenging in terms of temperature and precipitation.
Places with frozen soils, such as Alaska.
Less than 250mm rainfall a year.
Making full use of something (often implying it is negative).
Where a particular culture is changed and weakened, usually by exposure to other competing cultures.
Ice covered places are...
Water that rises out of the ground with natural pressure.
DefinitionKey Term
Storing rainwater or used water for use in periods of drought.
A line of stones which are laid across contours of gently sloping farmland to catch rainwater and reduce soil erosion; used in Burkina Faso.
People who move with their animals from place to place in search of pasture.
The declining quality and quantity of land.
A technology that the local community is able to use relatively easily and without much cost.
Acronym; aims to make life better; examples include OXFAM and the Red Cross.
Between 250-500mm a year.
Changes that take place to react to a situation.
The method of capturing fog/mist in nets and collecting the droplets that form; done in Chile.

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