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Can you guess the Geography key terms (Battle for the Biosphere) based on their definitions?

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DefinitionKey Term
The genetic material contained by a specific population.
Managing the environment in order to preserve, protect or restore it.
A plant and animal community covering a large area of the Earth's surface.
Those things that are provided, bought and sold that are not tangible.
The level in the soil or bedrock below which water is usually present.
Fuel sources derived from agricultural crops.
Uncultivated, uninhabited and inhospitable regions.
The number and variety of living species found in a specific area.
The living part (plants and animals) of the Earth.
DefinitionKey Term
The world's most powerful and influential nations, such as the USA and, increasingly, China and India.
An intergovernmental treaty for the conservation and wise use of wetlands.
Produced items and materials.
The idea that the current generation of people should not damage the environment in ways that will threaten the future generations' environment.
The social, economic and environmental decline of an area, often through deindustrialisation.
Acronym; an international agreement.
The global stores of water and linking processes that connect them.
The chopping down and removal of trees to clear an area of forest.
Unable to be kept going at the same rate or level.

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