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Monica's career.
Joey gets Chandler this as a pet.
Rachel's high school prom date.
Phoebe gives Monica her grandmother's secret recipe for these.
This is mistakenly delivered to Chandler's apartment and he and Rachel can't stop eating it.
Ross's ex-wife.
Actress that plays Monica Geller.
The gangs hang out spot.
Ross goes here to get a bone for the museum and meets Julie.
Joey's big break flops and he ends up working as a gladiator here.
Monica dresses as this for Halloween.
Paleontology professor who dates both Joey and Ross.
Monica cuts off Chandler's toe and when the doctor goes to reattach it they put this on ice instead.
Joey gets a role in a new TV series as Mac and his co-star's name is this.
Name that Eddie, Chandler's room mate, called his 'pet goldfish'.
Monica and Rachel rock-paper-scissors for this and Rachel wins.
Ross screams 'Pivot' as he, Rachel, and Chandler attempt to get this up the stairs.
Monica and Richard break up because he does not want this.

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