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Can you name the Friends Trivia beginning with 'A'?

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Actress that plays Rachel Green
Joey's profession
The main characters of the show are named after characters from this other show
Actor that played Phoebe's love interest David
Honeymoon spot Ross and Emily were going to go
Rachel bought this from Pottery Barn
Ross is unable to buy a Christmas suit so he invents this character
Rachel's sisters name
Actress that plays Rachel's sister
Joey's sister that Chandler hooks up with
Name of Joey's class he teaches
Ross eats Monica's Kiwi Lime Pie and this happens
Rachel and Monica have to kiss to get this back
Tag is chosen over Hilda to be this
Joey jumps on the bed and dislocates this
Chandler and Joey both date a woman named Ginger who has this
Frank Jr.'s wife's name
Since Phoebe couldn't go to London, the gang decides to go here but Phoebe's water breaks
After Vegas, Ross tells Rachel he got this
Courtney Cox's ex husband

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