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Can you name the Lines, lines, everywhere lines. Can you name them all??

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The imaginary line on the surface of the Earth, that runs from the north to the south pole and demarcates one calendar day from the next
The final part of a joke; usually the word or sentence that is intended to be funny
Batting average taken to define the threshold of incompetent hitting in Major League Baseball
In American and Canadian football, the imaginary line beyond which a team cannot cross until the next play has begun
A system of sense organs found in fish used to detect movement and vibration in the surrounding water
A tradition in New Orleans, Louisiana, where people who follow brass band parades just to enjoy the music
A cultural boundary between the Northeastern United States and the Southern United States
Alleged alignment of a number of places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient monuments, natural ridge-tops and water-fords
The straight line between an aimed missile and the target
A chain of fortifications constructed along the line of the Greco-Bulgarian border, designed to protect Greece in case of a Bulgarian invasion after the rearmament of Bulgaria betw

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