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Can you name the Vampire Diaries Character Chain?

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HintAnswerExtra Clue
 Dated the Salvatore brothers
 Elena's soulmate
 a bloodaholic
 Killed by Damon Salvatore
 Mother is the sherriff
 Former Hybrid
 Elena's first boyfriend
 turned into vampire
 Elenas Brother
 Elena's Biological Father
 turned by Damon
 Owned a gilbert ring
 part of gemini coven
 previously trapped in prison world
HintAnswerExtra Clue
 Damons friend
 Damon and Stefan's mum
 Killed Stefan's unborn child
 Immortal Huntress
 fell in love with caroline
 Elena and Jeremys aunt
 dated stefan and damon simultaneously
 Looks like Stefan
 First female doppleganger
 Created Vamires
 went to Europe with Matt
 Brother to Finn
 Tylers ex girlfriend
 Killed by Damon

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