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1886 vs SteinitzLoser in 1st official match for world championship.
1889 and 1892 vs SteinitzFirst ever Russian grandmaster, has many openings named after him
1890 vs SteinitzHungarian (moved to UK). He began his chess career as the hidden operator of the chess automaton Mephisto
1907 vs LaskerAmerican, nickname 'The Great Swindler'. He have Ruy Lopez varation named after him - 'his' gambit.
1908 vs LaskerGerman, contributions to opening theory. Lines from both the Queen's Gambit and the French Defense are named after him.
1910 vs LaskerAustrian, nickname 'the drawing master'. He needed draw in last game of match for title, but he lost.
1910 vs LaskerPolish (Lived in France). Gambler who would often lose all of his chess winnings at the roulette wheel.
1929 and 1934 vs AlekhineUkrainian (moved to Germany).Won consecutive Soviet championships in 1924 and 1925
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1951 vs BotvinnikUkrainian - won USSR championship twice 1948 and 1949
1978 and 1981 vs KarpovRussian (moved to Switzerland). Still active player at age 79 (and in FIDE top 100)
1993 vs KasparovEnglish - arguably most succesfull english player in 20th century
2004 vs KramnikHungarian (born in Yugoslavia). In 1994 he become youngest grandmaster in the history of chess at 14 years of age.
2006 vs Kramnik and 2010 vs AnandBulgarian. His match vs Kramnik in Elista is known as 'Toiletgate'
2012 vs AnandIsraeli. Born in USSR (Belarus)
2016 vs CarlsenRussian, Youngest GM in history

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