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Can you name the mental illnesses based on their description?

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Description Illness
Illness characterized by delusions, paranoia, disorganized thinking and hallucinations
Chronic Depression
Illness marked by constant and often completely random panic attacks
Inability to restrain oneself from stealing items, even if the person doesn't want the item
Illness characterized by unstable relationships, self-image, impulsivity, severe mood swings, and low self esteem
When a person refuses to maintain 85% of their body weight and starves themselves
Constant binging and purging
Illness characterized by periods of over-excitement (mania) and severe depression
Excessive worry about having a serious illness, thinking that every ache and pain links to this perceived illness
Characterized by disobedience, hostility, and defiance fueled by anger
Description Illness
Excessive and persistent anxiety after a traumatic event
Illness characterized by obsession with oneself and issues of personal power and adequacy and vanity
Anxiety disorder marked by obsessions over certain things and often accompanied by constant rituals
Appetite for non-food items, like clay, chalk, or sand
Inability to restrain oneself from setting fires
Extreme fear of wide open or extremely crowded spaces as the individual fears that they are not safe
Temporary or long term loss of memory
Obsessive with collecting and/or hoarding books to the point where social relationships and personal health are damaged
One who receives pleasure from physical pain and humiliation
Rare disorder in which a person has at least two distinct and enduring identities with different personalities

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