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Regulates the flow of air and gasoline into the engine cylinders.
To stop your vehicle, brake pads squeeze against the surface of these to stop the wheels from turning.
Part of a car's suspension system that keeps it from rolling during sharp turns.
Controls unwanted spring motion of your vehicle by reducing the magnitude of vibrations.
Combustion chamber where gasoline is burned for energy.
Powers the starter motor and all the other electrics in the car when the engine is not running.
In a manual transmission, controls slippage between transmission and engine to keep car from killing while stopped.
A fastener, specifically a nut, used to secure a wheel on a vehicle.
Provides electrical power to the vehicle when the engine is running and recharges the battery that had been used to start the engine.
The belt that controls the camshafts in your engine, opening and closing valves at just the right time for smooth operation.
An electrical gadget that fits into your engine’s cylinder head where it “sparks” to ignite the fuel.
The base frame of a motor vehicle that keeps the body, suspension and wheels attached.
Increases the boiling/freezing point of water in the cooling system, lubricates water pump, prevents rusting.
Opens the throttle plate, activates the accelerator pump to squirt fuel into the throttle horn.
A radiator-like device used to heat the cabin of a vehicle during cold months.

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