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Father of gospel music, his most famous work is 'Take my Hand Precious Lord'_
First black film1912
Raleigh's first and only african american mayor1973
Invented the She Lasting machine, revolutionzing the shoe making industry_
First african american US senator1870
First African American college president1863
Figure skater, first african american to win a medal at the Winter Olympic games1988
Patented a fire extinguisher in 18721872
First african american inducted into the tennis hall of fame1985
First college owned and operated by african americans1863
First black movie production company1915
First and only african american to be crowned International Grand Master of chess1999
First black to serve in the US HOR_
Won a record breaking 8 Grammy awards in 19841984
A great thoroughbred jockey, won three derbies_
First african american to win an individual gold medal1924
He invented an automatic lubricator for oiling steam engines in 1872.1872
He presented a bill to Congress that would give african americans more control over their communities1968
Greatest boxer of all time_
Invented a bed that folded up into a cabinet, second african american woman to recieve a patent.1885
First african american woman to win Songwriter of the Year2001
Invented a fire escpae ladder in 18781878
First african american college professor1849
First African American to graduate from an american medical school in 18471847
First african american player to play a game in the NBA1950
First african american to win the Nobel Peace prize, for mediating the Arab-Israeli truce1950
First african american to win the Masters Tournament1997
18th and current president of Brown university2000
First african american female college professor in 18581858
Published the play 'The Escape; or, A Leap for Freedom' in 1858, the first play published by an african american1858
First african american woman to earn a B.A.1862
First African American to earn a doctorate degree from an american university1876
First african american to perform with the New York Metropolitan Opera1955
He was a wizard at plsying harmonica and was the first african american to perform at the Grand Ole Opry_
Held over 60 patents, mostly to do with refrigeration._
Record breaking track star, won three gold medals1960
First African American pilots in the US armed forces1941
Invented numerous devices relating to the railroad._
This case upheld the constitutionality of using busing to acheive integration of schools1971
First african american woman to receive a patent.1884
He invented a 3-way automatic stop sign._
First musical written and produced by african americans1898
First african american to recieve a patent in 1821.1821
All black regiments of the US army1866
In the mid 1800s, Philadelphia was known as_
First African American woman elected to the US senate_
The first US record label owned and operated by african americans1921
First african american to be elected mayor of a predeominately white southern city1968
First african american heavyweight champion_

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