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Can you name the possibly unusual claims to fame for each state?

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Claim to FameState
Highest rate of gang membership
Highest payment from the state for installing solar panels on the roof of a house
#1 in overall well-being of citizens
Largest economy and the most UFO sightings per year
Produces the most corn
Produces the most wheat
Produces more than 90% of the domestic crawfish crop
Contains the largest city in the country
Produces the most commercial red meat
Highest percentage of non-religious people
Home of the best high school in the nation
Most ghost towns
Home of the Sioux Nation
Highest literacy rate
Produces the most rice
Greatest percentage of total population of Ph.D. scientists and engineers
Highest median household income
Most expensive electricity
#1 in beer production
Produces the most sweet potatoes
Most public golf courses
Most usable hot springs
#1 in speeding tickets
Has the largest Gingko farm
Contains the county that contains the most horses per capita
Claim to FameState
Most licensed cheese makers
Oldest state capitol in which a legislature still meets in its original chambers
Has the most mountain ranges
Highest percentage of adults 65 and older who have had all of their natural teeth removed
#1 in Swiss cheese production
Highest use of gasoline per capita
Grows the most sunflowers
Largest grizzly bear population in the lower 48 states
Produces the most copper
Most generous, based on charitable donations vs. income
Houses the site where the largest amount of gold is stored (in the world)
Has the amusement park that attracts the most visitors yearly
Houses the nation’s leading producer of building limestone
Most windy land area
Lowest rate of incarceration
Smartest state
Highest rate of alcohol use
Contains the largest shopping mall
More miles of freeway per capita than any other metro area with >1M residents
Most man-made lakes
Has the oldest continuously used public building in the United States
Houses the largest historical district
Highest number of suicides per capita and the lowest state and local taxes
Most species of wildlife in rivers than any other state
Most deer/automobile collisions

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