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Can you name the movies i have discribed
2 friends enjoying the day together but get shot at towards the end
Phone rings and all you hear 'do you like scary movies?'
Famous multiple series of this movie of a man with 2 identities and as both identities he fought against criminals
mechants that fight kill for the government and this movie is a first of its kind with some of the best actors/famous people
group of people that drive 4 cars to steal millions
3 men doing funny things
Man who lost his family and does the impossible to kill the man that ruined his life
lean, green and from another world
Can you name the movies i have discribed
Smart rich, super hero that works on cars, and other mechanical things
darkness is his shadow, but a little laughter is his kryponite
a movie when the world gets attacked by creatures and the world comes together to bulid machines the same size to defent the creatures
first movie in mind that Tom Hanks starred in but a ball had more lines the Brad Pitt?
2 men from 2 diffenent races that sings 'what it isnt good for absolutely nothing'
a movie making fun of a series of movies located in space
Dewayne 'The Rock' Johnson stars in this movie as a get away driver, driving a GTO, Also went to jail after being framed by actor Billy Bob Thorton

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