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QUIZ: Can you name the NHL teams by their name origin?

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Name OriginTeam
Named through a contest for its symbolism of Southwest America.
Named for an older team, which was named for an older team, which was named for its city's historical role in the aviation industry.
Originally named for Minnesota's state motto, 'Etoile du Nord'; it was shortened upon moving to match another state motto (in English this time).
Named by owner Jack Kent Cooke, who wanted to epitomize royalty.
Named from an older team of the same name, which in turn was named for its federal location.
Chosen from a pool of six, including the Blue Ox, the Freeze and the Northern Lights. They went with a representative of the great outdoors.
Named for a Canadian folk hero.
Named for the burning of Atlanta in the Civil War; kind of lost its touch after moving north of the North.
Inspired by the nickname of the arena, 'The Igloo'. Having the same first three letters as the state helped.
Named for the classification of its city. And it's not in Ottawa.
Named for the uniforms worn by Union soldiers.
Named for the nationality of the team's players; originally, only those of French descent could join (and no yanks!)
Named for the region's prominent petroleum industry.
Owner H. Wayne Huizenga used his franchise to draw attention to an endangered cat in the region.
Owner Charles Adams wanted a name representing physical might to match a brown and yellow color scheme.
Name OriginTeam
Derived from an urban legend of a cryptid similar to the Chupacabra (but instead of goats, it mutilates people).
Tired of area sports teamed called 'The Bisons', team officials picked a completely new name symbolizing leadership.
Named for a World War I battalion which owner Frederic McLaughlin served with; the battalion was named for a Native American chief.
Named by Ed Snider's sister, who appreciated its alliteration and representation of the speed of hockey. Also, 'Quakers' had to go.
Named for predators in the nearby Red Triangle, described as 'relentless, determined, swift, agile, bright and fearless'.
Named for W. H. Handy's jazz tribute to its city.
Peter Karmanos Jr. named this team for the weather of the region after it moved from Hartford. As it turns out, the weather can get ugly.
Named for the Texas police force via a pun on owner Tex Rickard's name.
Named for the residents of Nassau and Suffolk County.
Named for a World War I Canadian regiment, which itself was named for the nation's symbol.
Michael Eisner named this team for a peewee hockey team; since the 2006 season it's lost its edge, so to speak.
This name was voted most popular by fans for being 'a beautiful, powerful act of nature that is indigenous to the mountain region'.
A homage to the Montreal Hockey Club, which was nicknamed 'The Winged Wheelers'.
Voted by fans, this name was inspired by a saber-toothed tiger fossil excavated in the region.
Named after its city's status as 'The Capital' of electrical discharge.

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