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Name OriginTeam
Named in honor of head coach Paul Brown.
Joe Robbie picked it from a pool of fan suggestions for being 'one of the fastest and smartest creatures in the sea.'
Named for the largest cat in the Americas. Alliteration helped.
Named to have synergy between the team colors (black, blue and silver) and the team name.
Bert Rose chose this name due to the vast Scandinavian heritage of the region.
Named for a traditional chant involving a bugle and a military command at Dodgers Stadium and USC games.
Owner Homer Marshman loved the name of Fordham University's sheepish mascot.
Art Rooney Sr. allegedly named the team after its city's legendary industrial history.
Named for a rare white tiger famously kept in the city zoo (well, actually, named after a team that was named after the tiger).
As the birthplace of the American Revolution, it sort of fit.
Named to honor Lone Star Dietz, who may or may not have been Sioux; somehow, many Native Americans don't feel too gracious.
Won a fan contest (like many teams) for its equine mixture of speed and might.
Hoping to be 'the monarch of the league', this team was named for 'the monarch of the jungle.'
Named for the spirit of adventure from pioneers brought west through a gold rush.
Used the same name as an AAFC team from earlier years, which itself was playing off the nickname of frontiersman William Cody.
'Strength, leadership and heroic qualities' spawned this name, because we all remember how Cronus heroically ate his kids to avoid being usurped.
Name OriginTeam
Named for the proud tradition of horse racing in the Baltimore area. Yeah, about that...
Name was 'borrowed' from the town's baseball team, who have since moved to California. No, not the Dodgers.
An advisory board chose this name from a pool of 400, probably from its city's history of piracy.
Named for Harold Bartle, a mayor who earned his nickname for working with Native Americans in Wyoming.
In an attempt to modernize the team, Sonny Werblin chose this sleek name. Also, the stadium they would play in sat between two airports.
Named for their maroon jerseys, actually, not the animal.
Won a fan contest; presumably, alliteration was the reason the more common term 'osprey' wasn't chosen.
Named for its state. No, really.
Named for the patriotic mascot of the National Recovery Administration of the New Deal.
The Indian Packing Company gave this team $500 for uniforms and equipment.
A schoolteacher submitted this bird's name because it's 'proud and dignified with great courage and fight.'
Named for the eponymous antagonist of Edgar Allan Poe's most famous poem.
Named for the subject of a famous jazzy marching song.
Named 'The Rangers', but had to change its name thanks to an area baseball team already using the name.
This name came in third in a fan contest after accusations that 'the Señors' was a fixed winner; perhaps 'brigand', 'bandit' and 'pirate' were too intense.
George Halas reasoned that football players were bigger than baseball players, and that these animals are bigger than cubs.

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