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Can you name the following people with L.L. as initials?

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Children's author best known for 'The Giver.'
American hip hop singer and actor born James Todd Smith.
Showrunner for TGS, played by the showrunner of 30 Rock.
Fictitious matron of lotteries and slots.
Poster girl for a child actress gone party crazy.
Superman's nemesis.
Superman's love interest.
Superman's other love interest.
Mafioso and cofounder of the National Crime Syndicate.
Actress who starred in Mystic River, Kinsey and John Adams.
Actress who starred in Ally McBeal, Charlie's Angels and Kill Bill.
Secret Chimp.
Three-time heavyweight boxing world champion.
Country music icon and subject of 'Coal Miner's Daughter.'
American inventor and light bulb innovator.
British R&B singer of 'Bleeding Love' and 'Run.'
WNBA pioneer and superstar from the L.A. Sparks.
Nickname of New York City's most famous statue.
An insult comedienne known as the Queen of Mean.
Late TLC singer nicknamed 'Left Eye.'
Mainer outdoorsman and boot innovator.

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