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Can you name the answers whose first four letters are the last four of the previous answer?

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Subject of this quiz (last word of the title.)
Britney Spears song.
Home of the University of Florida.
Against the law.
Brother of Liberté and Fraternité (without the accent.)
Glowing peg pictureboard from Hasbro.
Ceremony of advancement, such as a Bar Mitzvah.
Wise counsel.
Washington or Lincoln's sidekick.
Health coverage for your teeth.
You're his or her descendant.
Orally conveying an anecdote or event.
Relating to language.
A fallen branch, companion to 'stone.'
Company that provides passes to movies or concerts.
A prejudice, usually regarding a large group.
An actor stuck in one role, like that guy who played Kramer.
A person stuck on an island, like Tom Hanks.
An event where your team lacks a homefield advantage.
The beginning of a sporting event.
What Bill Murray is stuck in during Groundhog Day.

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