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Can you name the famous rats?

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The Weasley family pettigrew. Er, pet.
A purple-and-white creature that the Pokédex technically refers to as a mouse.
Wilbur's ravenous confidante in E.B. White's 'Charlotte's Web.'
Pessimistic infiltrator from Transformers follow-up 'Beast Wars.'
A French rat who wants to be a gourmet chef. No, his name isn't Ratatouille.
Chief Redwall villain who goes by the title 'the Scourge.'
Willard's largest rat, and the subject of a Michael Jackson song.
The chief of a group of rats mentally enhanced by NIMH.
Gonzo's rodent companion with a mind set on food.
The sensei of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Basil of Baker Street's own Moriarty in 'The Great Mouse Detective.'
Antagonist of 'The Nutcracker' sometimes seen with multiple heads.

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