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Can you name the four letter answers with 'ea' in the middle?

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A mainstay of friendship bracelets.
Look before doing this.
Jack traded his cow for a magic one.
What you do with this sentence.
Fire makes this.
Jack Kerouac or Allen Ginsberg.
Valjean or Grey.
Not strong.
What you'll find in a pod.
Carnivores can't get enough of it.
Connery or Hannity.
Damage over time.
Organ for photosynthesis.
1812, 1984, or 2001.
It makes clocks tick.
A handsome man.
An unwanted hole.
Shakespearean king.
What your ears do.
Like Joe Greene.
The beginning of most letters.
To rip, or a byproduct of crying.
The tippy top.
Where your ears and eyes are.
A bird's weapon.
An impressive act.
Young beef.
Nemesis of nays.
Can be made of light or wood.
To regenerate.
Member of the Pinniped family.
Shaking hands makes this official.
Collecting the harvest.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner.
A group.
Close by.
A large pile of something.
A fruit.
Sinbad sailed seven of them.
Michael Richard's career.
Member of the Ursidae family.
An end, or to raise a child.
Lacking a sense.

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