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In which city does Die Rise take place
In what year does Moon take place
Who is trapped in the Nuketown Bunker
Which map other than Tranzit can the Bus be heard
What is the name of the cut Easter Egg song on Tranzit
Name one of the three maps in which your vision can be completely Black and White
Which power up must be stolen in order to acquire a Perk Bottle from a Monkey
Which maps events can be heard taking place when picking up the phones in Ascension
In the original timeline, how many of the 4 characters in Five perish at the Pentagon
Which character teleports into the Pentagon to steal weapons from the players
Gersch stopped production of the Gersch device until prompted by what character
By use of a perma-perk, the Olympia wall buy can be used to acquire what weapon
Which gun can be purchased for 2000 Points in the buried starting room
The achievement 'Quick off your feet' is unlocked for wallbuying which gun
What is the name of the Un-upgraded bow on Der Eisendrache
What is the spherical object that can be inhabited by one of the wisps during the Der Eisendrache Easter Egg
How many Lil' Arnies must be thrown during the Revelations Easter Egg
On Origins, how many times must the Lightning switch in the spawn room be turned to be in the correct position
What item must be interacted with in order to active the Easter Egg song '115'
What is Nikolai's assigned Staff
Which weapon does Dempsey using during the Origins intro cutscene
A mini easter egg can be started by shooting a dart board on Buried with which weapon
Name the achievement unlocked for Pack-a-Punching a weapon on round 1 on Buried
What is the name of the 'Giant' that can be allied on Buried
Which organisation did Stuhlinger belong to which lead to him gaining the ability to hear Richthofen in his head
Maxis communicated with the people of earth during the apocalypse through what
Who is pulled through the portal in space time, resulting in him falling towards Stalingrad along with Primis
The second model of the Ray Gun (the X2) was produced by who
In Black Ops 3's remastered version of Vurruckt, the Wunderwaffe replaces what weapon
Which animal is the codename of the Der Eisendrache facility named after
On The Giant, an additional perk machine can be unlocked by using which Box Weapon
Name of the upgraded Mauser C96
On the cover of the comic, Marlton is holding which weapon
Name of the world in which Maxis stored the Kronorium before it was stolen by Victis
When the Mystery Box is in its starting position, how many times can you use it before it moves
What year did Richtofen write 'I know what I must do' in the Kronorium
What does S.O.P.H.I.A stand for
What password is required to Unlock SOPHIAs interaction function on Gorod Krovi
When Richtofen records a diary entry on the Kino der Toten loading screen, what number entry is it
How long does a Fire Sale last
The Tank on Origins has what additional weapons attached
What objects must be shot in order to begin the Revelations Easter Egg
Which power up drop is exclusive to Der Eisendrache
In which map was the flinger trap introduced
Which is the first map to feature a buildable item
Which was the first map to remove a perk from the roster
On buried, during the Easter Egg you time travel to what round
Using which weapon and a glitch, can you acquire two Perk Bottles from the Witch
Which part for the Maxis Drone is always in the same spot
The scientists at Griffin station discover that the MPD requires souls by killing what animal

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