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Which weapon can be acquired by completing a side quest of collecting 3 gold coins on Origins
Which splinter group of 935 operated at the Rising Sun Facility
Which power up drop is exclusive to the map Five
Which of the Der Eisendrache bows has the name Kreegakaleet lu Gosata'ahm
Which map contains an alternate version of the Origins Zombie Shield
Name a map with no game over music
Which Excavator must breach the station in order to complete the Easter Egg on Moon
Where did Maxis Acquire the ability to merge with Electricity
What is the name of the song that plays on the Shangri-La loading screen
What is the name of the Robot that patrols the Church section of Origins
What is the last Gobblegum unlocked through levelling up
True name of the characters played on Tranzit
Total number of possible names for the Apothicon Servant
Total Number of perk machines on Mob of the Dead
Total Number of maps available in Black Ops 3
The Sliquifier's damage was nerfed, post release of Die Rise. What was its original damage
The password that Richtofen uses to log into the computer in Griffin Station
The Hatch on Tranzit can be used both on the bus and to access a secret area with which wall buy
Name of the starting pistol on Shadows of Evil
Name of the special Melee Weapon exclusive to Mob of the Dead
Name of the Model of Giant Robot used by the Soviet Union which appear in Gorod Krovi
Name of the Mechanism Ultimus powers during the Ascension Easter Egg
Name of the magical artefact obtained during the Shangri-La Easter Egg
Name of the fracture that The Giant and Der Eisendrache take place in
Name of the first map to contain the Zombie Shield
Name of the cut Gobblegum that is pictured on a poster in Shadows of Evil
Name of the Book found in Samantha's room during the Revelations Easter Egg
Name of the area shown on the menu in which Buried takes place
Name of the achievement that is unlocked for completing the Origins Easter Egg
Name of Shrink Ray Wonder weapon on Shangri-La
In what map other than Call of the Dead and Moon, is it possible to acquire the Golden Rod
In what map other than Buried is it possible to acquire Chalk
In Five, what object must be interacted with to activate the musical Easter Egg
In Black Op 3's remastered Nacht Der Untoten, what is the reward for completing it's new Mini Easter Egg
How many maps contain any variation of the Nova6 Crawlers
How many maps can the Wunderwaffe be used on in any any game
How many locations can the Mystery Box Spawn in on Buried
Building in which the Golden Rod is obtained during the Call of the Dead Easter Egg
At what round does Richtofen become the announcer on Nuketown
Amount of time (in seconds) it takes to route power from the rocket pad to the Mechanism during the Ascension Easter Egg

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