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Old high school friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen form a partnership known as _________ to write computer software.
The space shuttle Discovery deploys the _______ ______ _____ 350 miles above the Earth. Although initial flaws limit its capabilities, the ______ will be responsible for numerous
Greatly increased the efficiency of the the United States Postal Service by overshadowing the work of clerks
Working with a team of engineers at his Menlo Park, New Jersey, laboratories, Thomas Alva Edison perfects a system of sound recording and transmission.
Backed by $30,000 in research funds provided by investors including J.P. Morgan and the Vanderbilts, Thomas Edison perfects an incandescent ______ _____
Jesse W. Reno, introduces a new novelty ride at Coney Island. His moving stairway elevates passengers on a conveyor belt at an angle of 25 degrees.
Henry ford invents this process during the production of his Model-T
Robert H. Goddard, Professor of Physics at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, makes the first successful launch of a liquid-fueled ______ at his aunt Effie's farm in Aub
A team led by J.R. Oppenheimer, Arthur H. Compton, Enrico Fermi and Léo Szilard detonates the first ____ ______ in New Mexico. This device will be used in WW2
Dr. Edwin H. Land introduces a new camera that can produce a developed photographic image in sixty seconds.
Millions watch worldwide as the landing module of NASA's Apollo 11 _______ touches down on the moon's surface and Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to set foot on the moon.
The USDA gives the go-ahead for the sale of the first genetically altered organism.
Pong, the first massed produced ____ ____, is made by Noland Bushnell.

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