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F*** the world f*** my moms and my girl well maybe not moms just let me remain calm
so i'ma go hard early call it morning sex
not to let off a shot but i'm better than hot, they don't need a reminder if they never forgot
some say the sky's the limit i say your short changing yourself
i tell em like i tell my girl you doing a great job now keep it up
eyes red i'm up ain't been to sleep yet
something's off bout me but nothing's false bout me i never gave a f*** what a n**** thought bout me
worrying less about the past more about the now, less about what i'm going through more about the how
rap for hire call me if help is needed i got this whole sh** covered, darelle revis
to me its common sense wanna see the other side gotta turn around
i do both n**** ride to the death f*** a beat i'll acapella the whole left side of ya chest
a wise man said we all wear masks at time's keeping it on's too much of a task
zipper over your head dudes callin you crotch face

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