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Can you name the franchises represented in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

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Represented By...FranchiseFranchise Origin
Character (Kratos, Zeus), Stage (Hades, Metropolis), Item (Spear of Destiny, Boots of Hermes, Medusa's Gaze), Minion (Athena, Poseidon, Polyphemus, Colossus of Rhodes, Hades)PlayStation 2 (2005)
Character (Sweet Tooth), Stage (Black Rock Stadium, Colombia), Item (Freeze Missile), Minion (Dollface, Mr. Grimm, Preacher)PlayStation (1995)
Character (Radec), Stage (Invasion, Dojo), Item (Dohvat Laser Designator), Minion (Rico, Helghast Soldier, Visari)PlayStation 2 (2004)
Character ([series name]), Stage (Metropolis, San Fransisco), Item (Nanotech Crate, Razor Claws, Fusion Bomb), Minion (Captain Qwark, Zoni, Dr. Nefarious, Azimuth)PlayStation 2 (2002)
Character (Nathan Drake), Stage (Stowaways), Item (RPG-7 Rocket Launcher, Sturgeon), Minion (Sulley, Elena, Chloe, Young Drake)PlayStation 3 (2007)
Character (Spike), Stage (Time Station, Invasion), Item (Killer Bees), Minions (Monkey, The Professor, Specter)PlayStation (1999)
Character (Sackboy) Stage (Dreamscape, Paris), Item / Minion (Sackbot)PlayStation 3 (2008)
Character (Big Daddy), Stage (Stowaways, Columbia), Items (Murder of Crows), Minion (Little Sister)PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (2008)
Character ([series name]), Stage (Sandover Village, Black Rock Stadium), Minion (Keira, Ashelin, Count Veger, Torn)PlayStation 2 (2001)
Character (Cole, Evil Cole), Stage (Alden's Tower), Minion (Zeke, Nix, Lucy Kuo)PlayStation 3 (2009)
Character ([series name]), Stage (Paris, Alden's Tower), Minion (Murray, Carmelita)PlayStation 2 (2002)
Character ([series anme]), Stage (Dojo), Minion (PJ Berri, Mooselini)PlayStation (1996)
Represented By...FranchiseFranchise Origin
Character (Nariko), Stage (Fearless), Minion (Kai)PlayStation 3 (2007)
Character (Kat), Minion (Raven, Syd, Yunica, Alias, Nevi)PlayStation Vita (2012)
Character (Raiden), Stage (Franzea), Minion (Sam)MSX2 (1987)
Character (Sir Daniel), Stage (Graveyard), Minion (Kiya, Zarok)PlayStation (1998)
Character (Emmett Graves), Item (LR-3 Railgun), Minion (Sydney Cutter, Logan Graves)PlayStation 3 (2012)
Character ([series name]), Minion (Worker, Ninja, Pirate)PlayStation Network (2009)
Stage (Hades), Item (Great Mighty Scythe)PlayStation Portable (2007)
Stage (San Fransisco, Time Station), Item (Hedgehog Grenade), Minion (Chimera)PlayStation 3 (2006)
Stage (Fearless), Item (Gravity Shield, Leech Beam)PlayStation (1995)
Stage (Dreamscape), Minion ([series name])PlayStation 2 (2005)
Stage (Sandover Village), Minion (Jasmine, Suzuki)PlayStation (1997)
Character (Toro), Minion (Pierre, Kuro)Playstation (1999)
Represented By...FranchiseFranchise Origin
Character (Heihachi), Minion (Kuma)Arcade (1994)
Character (Dante), Minion (Kat)PlayStation 2 (2001)
Character (Isaac Clarke), Minion (John Carver)PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC (2008)
Stage (Franzea)PlayStation Portable (2006)
Stage (Graveyard)PlayStation Network (2012)
Item (Sonic Rift), Minion (Tag)PlayStation 3 (2010)
Item (Baumusu's Axe)PlayStation 2 (2002)
Minion (Eucadian Soldier)PlayStation (1995)
Minion (Curtis the Panda, Nathan the Koala)PlayStation 3 (2011)
Minion (Lil, Bakuki)PlayStation Vita (2012)

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