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AThe fight-finishing move that each character possesses. Pure eye candy!
BAn insanely powerful monster that killed half the world's population. Defeated by the Six Heroes and Bloodedge.
CSon of Relius Clover. Has a sister who happens to be a Nox Nyctores.
DOne of Ragna the Bloodedge's Special Attacks. Causes one of the heads of the Black Beast to rise from the groud.
EAll of Hakumen's Distortion Drives have this title.
FOne of Litchi Faye-Ling's Special Attacks. Launches her rod towards her opponent.
GOne of Rachel Alucard's familiars. Appears to be a chubby pink bat.
HLeader of the Six Heroes. Is actually a future Jin Kisaragi.
IWeapon wielded by Tsubaki Yayoi. Overusing the weapon causes the wielder to go blind.
JFather of Kokonoe and progenitor of the Kaka Clan. One of the Six Heroes and said to be the most powerful being in the universe.
KCity where the majority of BlazBlue is set.
L'Respectable' doctor of Orient Town. Is the love interest of Bang Shishigami.
MSquirrel beastkin who is childhood friends with Noel and Tsubaki. Has an incredibly revealing outfit.
NA multinational task force that keeps balance by safeguarding and regulating sources of dangerous power. On the hunt of 'The Grim Reaper'.
OA Nox Nyctores that takes the form of an endless chain. Currently in Hazama's possession.
POne of the Six Heroes. Sealed her soul insid her Nox Nyctores and has two other souls in her body, Sena and Luna.
QRachel Alucard's theme.
RMain protagonist of the series. Searching for his younger brother and sister.
SMain Theme of Blazblue: Continuum Shift II.
TVigilante member of the Kaka Clan. Has a love of meat buns and a breast fixation.
UThe form of any character that upgrades some of their abilities. Many bosses in the game are in this form.
VButler to the Alucard family. Also a werwolf and one of the Six Heroes.
WName of the track during a battle between Ragna and Rachel.
XName of the track during a battle between Relius and Carl.
YA Nox Nyctores that takes the form of a sword/katana. Currently in the possession of Jin Kisaragi.
ZOne of Arakune's Special Attacks. Causes curse clouds to appear and damage opponents.

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