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jigyoujitokuEquivalent to “you reap what you sow,” this one rings way more timelessly as few are sowing these days.
okoshishikaiseiMeaning “to turn a bad or desperate situation into a success,” this truly underscores just how dire some bad situations feel sometimes.
wagatahisuiDoing or saying things for one’s own benefit.” While totally regionally charged, I feel like dropping this one would give you an air of well-traveled-ness
akuinakuhateAnother “you reap what you sow,” this one is a tad more specific, and almost suggests a karmic outcome.
minugahanaI love the fact that the Japanese use “flower” to describe imagination, beauty, and sometimes pointlessness. In this case, “reality cannot compete with imagination.”
jakunikukyouta“Survival of the fittest” — I like eating meat so this was always going to appeal to me, and it rhymes.
yoiseiyumeshiMeaning to dream one’s life away, or spending all one’s time dreaming without accomplishing anything significant…at least this one seems to make light of the situation.
ichikiichikaiEvery encounter is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter — this really underscores how many first-and-only-time things happen in the day-to-day.

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