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This country invades the Gaza StripJanuary 3
This man is inaugurated as the 44th President of the United StatesJanuary 20
This country's government and banking system collapsesJanuary 26
These kill 173 people in Australia, injuring 500 and leaving 7,500 homelessFebruary 7
This man is sworn in as the new Prime Minister of ZimbabweFebruary 11
Gunmen in Pakistan attack Sri Lanka's national team of this sportMarch 3
The second G-20 summit is held in this cityApril 2
An earthquake of 6.3 magnitude occurs in this European countryApril 6
This country conducts its second successful nuclear testMay 25
A flight from this South American city crashes in the Atlantic Ocean killing all 228 on boardJune 1
A global pandemic is announced as this virus spreadsJune 11
Mir-Hossein Mousavi is defeated in this country's presidential election leading to riotsJune 12
The death of this entertainer caused many internet sites to crippleJune 25
The Organization of American States suspends this nation after a coup d’étatJuly 4
Asia witnesses the longest one of these in the 21st century, lasting 6 minutes 38.8sJuly 22
Two journalists are pardoned by North Korea after this former U.S. President's visitAugust 4
This Libyan 'Lockerbie bomber' is released from Scotland on compassionate groundsAugust 20
At the Pittsburgh summit, this group takes leverage over the global economic crisisSeptember 25
An 8.3 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami destroying these islandsSeptember 29
Another earthquake, of 7.6 magnitude, struck off the coast of this islandSeptember 30
The Lisbon Treaty is approved in this country's second referendum on itOctober 2
This Belgian Prime Minister is named the first full-time President of the European CouncilNovember 19
In Geneva, the Large Hadron Collider is restarted by this organizationNovember 20
World leaders gather in this European city for a global climate change conferenceDecember 7

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