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QUIZ: Can you name the Pokemon described from A to Z?

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HintPokemonType and evolution
A pokemon that roamed the skies in the dinosaur era. Its teeth are like saw blades.Rock/Flying type. No evolutions.
The jets of water it spouts from the cannons on its shell can punch through thick steel.Water type. Third and final Evolution.
When it thinks of its dead mother, it cries. Its crying makes the skull it wears rattle hollowly.Ground type. Not evolved yet.
A pokemon that lives underground. Because of its dark habitat, It's repelled by bright sunlight.Ground type. Not evolved yet.
It is said that when it roars, a volcano erupts somewhere around the globe.Fire type. Legendary
It can't live without the stalk it holds. That's why it defends the stalk from attackers with its life. Normal/Flying type. No evolutions
Almost all its body is its stomach. Its harsh digestive juices quickly dissolve anything it swallows.Poison type. Not evolved yet
Seeing its swinging pendulum can induce sleep in three seconds, even in someone who just woke up.Psychic type. Second and final evolution
With its sweet aroma, it guides Volbeat to draw signs with light in the night sky.Bug type. No evolutions
If agitated, it uses electricity to straighten out its fur and launch it in small bunches.Electric type. Eeveelution.
It is thought that this Pokemon came onto land because its prey adapted to life on land.Rock/Water type. Second and final evolution
It sleeps in a deep sea trench. If it flaps its wings, it is said to cause a 40-day storm.Psychic/Flying type. Legendary.
It happily carries heavy cargo to toughen up. It willingly does hard work for people.Fighting type. Second evolution
HintPokemonType and evolution
Its eyes are specially developed to enable it to see clearly even in murky darkness and minimal light.Normal/Flying type. Second and final evolution.
It loves to lurk inside holes in rocks. It sometimes sprays ink on its prey by sticking out only its mouth.Water type. Second and final evolution.
It was upgraded to enable the exploration of other planets. However, it failed to measure up.Normal type. Second evolution.
It has an easygoing nature. It doesn't care if it bumps its head on boats or boulder while swimming.Water/Ground type. Second and final evolution.
It is said to have fallen with lightning. It can fire thunderbolts from the rain clouds on its back.Electric type. Legendary
It races around the world to purify fouled water. It dashes away with the north wind.Water type. Legendary.
It transforms the kindness and joy of others into happiness, which it stores in its shell.Normal type. Not evolved yet
When exposed to the moon's aura, the rings on its body glow faintly and it gains a mysterious power.Dark type. Eeveelution
Its heart beats at a tenfold tempo, so it can't sit still for even a moment.Normal type. Second evolution
It desperately tries to keep its black tail hidden. It is said to be proof the tail hides a secret.Psychic type. Second and final evolution.
This odd pokemon can see both the past and the future. It eyes the sun's movement all day.Psychic/Flying type. Second and final evolution.
It can hover in one spot by flapping its wings at high speed. It flits about to guard its territory.Bug/Flying type. Not evolved yet
It checks its surroundings and location using reflections of the ultrasonic waves from its mouth.Poison/Flying type. Not evolved yet

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