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Can you name the civilization or country by historical leader?

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LeaderCountryYears Leader
Augustus (Octavian)27 BCE-14 CE
Hideki Tōjō1941-1944
Hồ Chí Minh1945-1969
Suleiman I (the Magnificent)1520-1566
Christian IV1588-1648
Zhu Di (Yongle Emperor)1402-1424
Peter I (the Great)1682-1725
Louis XVI1774-1792
George VI1936-1952
Porfirio Díaz1884-1911
LeaderCountryYears Leader
Jomo Kenyatta1963-1978
Cleopatra VII51 BCE-30 BCE
Bahadur Shah II1837-1857
Sitting Bull1868-1881
Sir John A. MacDonald1878-1891
Augusto Pinochet1974-1990
Frederick II (the Great)1740-1786
Ferdinand VII1813-1833
Darius I (the Great)522 BCE-486 BCE
Pedro II (the Magnanimous)1831-1889

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